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Dr. Liana Georgoulis’s Work About Psychological Treatments

What Is A Panic Attack?

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

Maybe you’ve heard other people use the phrase “panic attack” before, or perhaps you’ve experienced a panic attack yourself. What does it really mean to have a panic attack, and when does this become a problem?

10 Signs It May Be Time to End Your Relationship

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

10 Signs It May Be Time to End Your Relationship Posted on October 2, 2015 | Dr. Liana Knowing when it’s time to call a relationship quits can be confusing. After all, all relationships have their own unique sets of problems, and require a lot of work, communication, and compromise.  There comes a point however when the relationship…

Coping with a Breakup

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

Going through a breakup is one of the most painful experiences we can have as humans. Poets, musicians, philosophers and screenwriters alike, have captured the devastation of this for thousands of years. In part we have our neurobiology to thank for this. Our brains are hardwired to connect with a significant other for our most…

Living Mindfully

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

In case you haven’t noticed, there is excessive chatter in your head. Thinking can undoubtedly be helpful, and has certainly played the largest role in our advancement as a species. At what point however, does thinking become unproductive, and even harmful? So many of the psychological struggles that people experience relate to getting too caught up in their inner…


By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

Over the past 30 years countless research studies have shown the significant benefits of regular meditation to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The traditional practice of mindfulness meditation involves developing heightened awareness of one’s experience of the present moment, with observation and acceptance, rather than judgment and reactivity. By practicing 15-20 minutes each day one can learn…

Five Fears Worth Overcoming

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

We all have fears. They are a built in protective mechanism that helps ensure our survival from things that are harmful to us. Fears develop from our past experiences. When a specific event, or stimulus, results in a negative outcome, especially if this happens multiple times or in a very significant way, we are at…

Have a Alcohol or Substance Abuse Problem? (Part 1)

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

My name is  (fill in the blank) and I’m an alcoholic!  These are the words you would need to say in order to attend a 12-step recovery program such as Alcoholics Anonymous.  The first step after all is admitting your powerless over alcohol or other drugs. It used to be that there were all or…

Have An Alcohol or Substance Abuse Problem? (Part 2)

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

Identifying as an “addict” or “alcoholic” is one end of the spectrum, but like most things in life, substance/alcohol abuse problems exist along a continuum from mild to severe and are influenced by a variety of factors (co-occurring disorders, socioeconomic status, past history of trauma, as well as genetic and neurobiological factors). Read Part 1…

Valued Living

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

When our lives are designed and controlled to avoid painful experiences such as fear, we live in reaction to avoiding disturbance rather than by what is meaningful and worthwhile. As we learn to build awareness and observe our inner experiences with greater distance, we can then choose to act in accordance with our values rather…

I Can’t Stop Worrying

By Dr. Liana Georgoulis | May 1, 2020

What happens if you can’t control your thoughts, if you’re mind is constantly worrying and you can’t shut it off? Learn how to stop excessive worrying and actually solve your problems.

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