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Get to Know Our Team of Psychological Practitioners


Dr. Liana Georgoulis, Psy.D.

Clinical Director 

Coast Psychological Services

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director and founder of Coast Psychological Services, Dr. Liana Georgoulis has been studying psychology and working with people since her high school days. A native Angelino raised by immigrant parents, Dr. Liana developed a deep appreciation for people and community from an early age. In pursuit of an education that would allow her to help others, she attended the University of California, Los Angeles where she majored in Psychology and minored in Musicology.  With a strengthened commitment to her education, training, and career goals she began her graduate work at Pepperdine University where she completed her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.


With her rigorous academic background and years of clinical training, Dr. Liana has had the opportunity to support hundreds of people with diverse struggles from all walks of life including war veterans at the VA, at risk foster children in inner cities, the homeless on Skid Row, victims of domestic violence and trauma, individuals afflicted with severe mental illness in psychiatric hospitals, those suffering from dementia, brain injuries and other neurological impairments, as well as high functioning celebrity clients and couples in her private practice. “I’ve learned from all of these experiences that at the end of the day we are more similar than different. Ultimately, we all want to feel safe, loved, a sense of belonging, and purpose.”

In 2012 Dr. Liana founded Coast Psychological Services, a psychology practice in Los Angeles where she and her team currently work with individuals, couples, and families struggling with various issues.  Staying very current with psychological research is a top priority. Coast Psychological Services believes in providing their clients with structured, evidence-based treatments and interventions that have been proven to be effective and hopefully long lasting. 

Dr. Liana is also focused on building awareness of mental health issues by expanding her reach to the public as a media consultant.  She has written and hosted her own podcast and radio show on KABC, On the Couch with Dr. Liana; has been featured in articles in the Huffington Post; consulted on mental health topics with Buzzfeed; and co-authored several Wikihow articles.  To learn more about her media work and for helpful online tools, articles, videos, courses and e-books please visit Dr. Liana’s media page, www.doctorliana.com


Professional Organizations

  • American Psychological Association
  • Los Angeles Psychological Association
  • Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
  • Trichotillomania Learning Center

Dr. Liana’s current goals are to bring awareness to the public about issues related to psychological health and mental well-being. She serves as an expert panelist on KABC’s show, “The Doctors Roundtable,” where she provides useful information related to mental health issues.

Jennifer Gural, M.A., LPCC, LCAS

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Addiction Specialist

Coast Psychological Services

Jennifer Gural is a licensed professional clinical counselor and addiction specialist in Los Angeles.  She has spent the last ten years in the therapeutic field and specializes in helping people understand their addictions, behaviors, habits, and attitudes.  Jennifer utilizes evidenced-based therapies and motivational enhancement techniques to assist clients in shedding the behaviors and habits that have been holding them back and facilitates work towards positive life changes and goal achievement.  In addition to her focus on addiction, she works with a variety of other mental health concerns related to anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.  Jennifer also serves as leader and facilitator of addiction groups, support groups, mindfulness groups and moderation management groups at Coast Psychological Services.

“I entered into the field of therapy to help people. That has always been my calling. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in psychology in my early twenties, then took a break from my studies to explore the world, relationships, and my own needs for personal discovery. I ventured to India, Asia, Europe, and Central America for almost ten years. What I discovered after all the travel and experiences was that I was in the right field all along. I went back to Graduate school to complete my studies in order to become the therapist I was meant to be. I just love seeing and helping people make breakthroughs. There are these magic moments in therapy when something deep inside changes and a burden is lifted.”

Jennifer also works in the emerging field of psychedelic medicine preparatory counseling and integration. She is a participant therapist with Unlimited Sciences Clinical Trials Research into the usefulness and efficacy of psychedelic medicine integration and preparation work.  You can learn more about psychedelic use in mental health treatment at: https://maps.org or the latest John Hopkins psychedelic research at: https://hopkinspsychedelic.org/index/#research  Jennifer also does psychological consulting work for TV and film and has worked on projects with Dr. Drew Pinsky.