How to Get Treatments From Coast Psychological Services

Getting Started

Telephone Consultation

Dr. Georgoulis provides free telephone consultations to all prospective clients. At this point, patients may set up an in-person initial consultation if they are interested in moving forward.

Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, patients will

  • Discuss their current problems and reasons for starting therapy

  • Receive feedback related to clinical/diagnostic impressions

  • Develop treatment goals

  • Be provided with treatment recommendations

  • Learn more about cognitive behavior therapy, what is involved, and determine whether this is the right type of treatment for them.


The length of therapy and frequency of sessions will vary according to each individual, their diagnosis, and the severity of their symptoms. Treatment ultimately terminates when the individual feels better and believes that they have met their goals.


Please call Coast Psychological Services for more information regarding fees, payments, and reimbursement from insurance.

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